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Car Insurance Quotes : When you’re in the process of purchasing a car, one critical aspect you can’t overlook is securing a car insurance policy. It’s not just a legal requirement; it’s an essential financial safety net for your vehicle. In fact, owning car insurance is mandatory for registering your car with an RTO (Regional Transport Office). So, it’s an aspect you must prioritize.

Car Insurance Quotes

While it’s a regulatory obligation, a car insurance policy goes beyond that by offering financial coverage for repairs and damages. However, choosing the right policy is crucial. There are two main types of car insurance plans to consider: third-party liability insurance and comprehensive policies. These plans differ significantly in terms of coverage and premiums.

A third-party policy provides the minimum required insurance coverage, and its premiums are regulated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). On the other hand, comprehensive policies consist of two components: third-party cover and own-damage cover. While third-party premiums are controlled by IRDAI, insurance companies have the flexibility to set the premiums for the own-damage component. Car insurance premiums are determined based on a combination of factors, not just a single criterion. Here are some of the key components that influence own-damage premiums, whether you’re buying car insurance online or offline:

– Insured Declared Value
– Add-On Coverages
– Engine’s Cubic Capacity
– Vehicle Usage (Private/Commercial)
– Fuel Type
– Registration Location

How Does a Car Insurance Calculator Assist in Getting Instant Quotes?

While offline policy purchases typically involve guidance from an insurance company’s agent or representative, online purchases are more self-directed. To aid your decision-making process, insurance companies offer a car insurance calculator. This tool is designed to provide an estimate of the premium amount you’ll need to pay based on specific policy features. However, it can also be used to compare how different combinations of coverage options impact your premium. What’s more, this comparison can be done instantly, helping you make an informed decision about your insurance coverage before finalizing your plan. In essence, a car insurance calculator not only facilitates premium comparisons but also allows you to assess different policy features with immediate feedback.

Steps to Obtain Online Car Insurance Quotes Instantly:

1. Visit the insurance company’s website and locate the car insurance calculator.
2. Provide essential details like your car’s registration number, mobile number, and email address.
3. Select various policy features, starting with the type of insurance coverage, add-ons, and other policy specifics.
4. Enter additional vehicle details such as the car’s make, model, fuel type, and variant.
5. Provide information about your claim history and no-claim bonus to adjust the premium calculation accordingly.
6. Click the submit button to receive car insurance quotes that match your stated requirements. At this stage, you can also compare different plans to find pocket-friendly insurance deals that offer comprehensive coverage.

Tools like car insurance calculators make comparing various insurance plans for comprehensive or third-party car insurance online a breeze. Take advantage of these features to streamline your buying process and ensure you select the best insurance plan for your needs.

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